5 Things to Know Before Your First Kundalini Yoga Class

5 Things to Know Before Your First Kundalini Yoga Class

I know that walking into a new yoga class can be intimidating, whether you are a seasoned yogi or brand new to the practice so I wanted to share “5 things to know before your first Kundalini class”.

kundalini yoga class

We’ve got a beautiful and low-key and come-as-you-are vibe going on over at the Groovy

Coop so I really hope you feel inspired to come join us!

#1 – Dress however you feel comfortable

No fancy yoga outfit necessary, just dress comfortably. There is some movement in my class, but we are seated and laying down for most of the hour.

More important than what you wear is how you set yourself up for meditation, which brings me to….

#2 – Bring a yoga mat, setup your space with a blanket folded underneath you

Bring a mat and a meditation cushion if you have one. If you don’t have a meditation cushion, no problem. I have yoga blankets that can be folded up for you to sit on.

Believe me, you will want something to sit on, since much of the class is done seated in meditation.

#3 – Is Kundalini Yoga for Everyone?

Absolutely anyone can practice this type of yoga and my class is open to all-levels. Kundalini Yoga is known as the “Yoga of Awareness” and this particular lineage produces fast results, in terms of spiritual growth and consciousness. The only people who may want to avoid this type of yoga are those who want to stay exactly the same.

I will advise you during class if there is any practice that should be avoided for any reason. One method of breathing that we use often in class is called “breath of fire”. This breath practice should not be done if you are pregnant, on the first couple days of your menstrual cycle, have untreated blood pressure, glaucoma or if you have recently had surgery of any kind. I will remind you of these things in class as they come up and give you a modification.

#4 – What do I do if I feel resistance or discomfort?

Breathe through it and allow the feeling to come and go. This type of yoga is a nervous system workout, meaning that we are working on training ourselves to become more & more resilient so that we can better handle stress out there in the world. We hold some poses for longer lengths of time to release blockages and to practice breathing through discomfort. In this way, we are building a different kind of strength and endurance which is not just physical, but also mental, emotional and spiritual.

All that being said, there is a difference between resistance: “I don’t want to do this anymore” vs. pain: “this doesn’t feel right for my body”. I ask myself this: Is my mind telling me to give up before I really need to OR is my body letting me know that this isn’t right for me today? Part of the journey is to become our own best council and to do what is right for us. You get to decide what that is.

*If there is any posture that doesn’t feel right for you, skip it and just breathe and practice visualizing yourself in the position.

#5 – Megan will keep time so you can fully relax in the present moment, knowing we’ll end on time

I begin and end right on time so that you can fully relax and let go during class. Please arrive to class between 5-10 minutes early so that you can check in and pay for the class at the register and set yourself up nicely on your mat before we begin.

Come Join us at The Groovy Coop

My classes are inclusive and welcoming. The best compliment that I have received as a teacher is that people were intimidated to try yoga but felt completely comfortable and at-home in my class.

We have a wonderful community of people practicing together every Wednesday 11am – 12pm at the Groovy Coop. I hope you join us! Link to sign-up below.

Register for a Kundalini Yoga Class with Megan

If you’d like to know a little more about Kundalini Yoga, please check out my blog post.

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