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About us

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Katie Scott is a small business owner with over 20 years of experience with management, marketing, and motivating others. She has a degree in counseling from the University of North Texas but has found her calling as a self made business woman.

She has honed her psychic abilities over the years and believes being in tune with oneself is the simplest and most beneficial way to tick off all of those boxes on one’s bucket list. Katie’s goal is to motivate and lift others to their greatest potential using their own psychic and spiritual gifts which they may not know they even possess!

nikki of native in downtown mckinney


Nikki owns Native, a store in downtown McKinney, Texas that highlights local vendors and provides a retail experience that is helping to develop a younger audience on the square.

Native features locally made jewelry, holistic beauty products, crystals and a succulent bar to create your own arrangements.

Nikki loves providing the opportunity for her customers to grow whether that be through plant care or growth in a spiritual or metaphysical way.


Kristin is the owner of Mystic Light Bearer operated in McKinney, TX. She has a passion for all things spiritual, including divination and teaching the craft.

Kristin is thrilled to be of service in the community as a tarot reader and spiritual coach/mentor. She loves helping people discover in their lives a sense of wellbeing, wholeness, and clarity through earth-based spiritual practice.

Kristin is also the maker of custom candle spells and hand made herbal products for home and body to help shift energies in your life and manifest goals.


Beth is Owner and Reiki practitioner at Vita Verde Botanicals, a family owned & operated business in McKinney, TX. They are specialized in all natural handcrafted herbal based products designed to promote wellbeing for the mind, body & soul.

Beth also offers Reiki services. Reiki is a technique that promotes health and healing through deep relaxation. Her goal is to bring a piece of nature into your everyday life.


Megan teaches Kundalini Yoga because it is the fastest and most effective method she has found for getting naturally lifted, elevating mood and awareness. Kundalini uses very specific breath and meditation techniques to become more connected, peaceful, balanced and happy.

Holding a safe and sacred space for spiritual community to gather, helping people feel good within minutes and assisting people on their spiritual path by sharing tools and techniques that work is what lights Megan’s fire.


Danielle Garcia is a word witch (a.k.a. writer), diarist, blogger, and aspiring novelist. She blogs on her personal website and is currently first-drafting her debut novel. Once upon a time, she was an IT staffing recruiter turned executive assistant before she quit that too to become a full-time RVer, digital marketing copywriter, and finally entrepreneur helping her high school sweetheart start his online business.

Her hobbies include horseback riding, Tarot reading, creating recipes, eating too much mac ‘n cheese + queso, listening to Taylor Swift albums on repeat, writing in her diary, and encouraging others to begin a journaling practice of their own.

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