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Spell Work: The Basics

Spell Work: The Basics

What are spells?

What exactly is a spell?

If you have delved into the world of metaphysics or maybe touched on witchcraft in your personal exploration you’ll remember gathering information about the concept that all things are energy. We are energy, and everything on this earth and in the universe and cosmos is energy. We are also all related energetically to one another.

A spell is simply a way of taking an intention (an energetic thought or desire) and creating a way using elements found in the earth and other found items to shift the energies around our world to receive a desired outcome.

Another way to look at a spell is a prayer with props.

When we pray we are asking for an outcome to come to us from whatever divine source we trust has our highest and best good. In spell work we are doing the same thing. The only difference is the manner in which we do it.

Who Can do a Spell?

Anyone can do a spell. They are not tied to any religion or dogmatic system of belief. They are simply a means to shift the energies in our lives spiritually in order to create a better outcome for ourselves and the people we love.

Your spell can be as detailed and as simple as your like with one ingredient or many. It just depends on what you feel called to do and the intention behind it.

Spell Ethics

One of the things that is talked about most often in the spiritual or magical community is ethics in spell work. This boils down very quickly and simply.

If the spell is shifting another’s free will or causing some sort of manipulation then it is unethical.

Free Will

Every human and creature on earth has free will. We don’t ever want to hurt another person by causing harm to them or controlling their mind that coerces them to act in a way that would be contrary to their normal behavior.

This goes against the laws of nature that source has set up for us and divine flow. If we choose to do this then we have to be ready for the consequences of getting a backlash of unnatural effects.

For every action there is a reaction. This can be anything from the spell backfiring or in the case of a love spell, the person is now obsessed and is potentially causing harm. NOT OK!

Love Spells

Let’s talk about love spells for just a second. A love spell to attract a lover or to improve your attraction abilities to people is perfectly fine. But if we want to control another’s free will… Sorry Charlie. Not recommended!

We want our spells to be positive and help not only us but those around us.

Defensive Magic

Now there are practitioners out there that do what’s called defensive magic. For example if there is a person who is causing harm, like severe bullying, threats, violence of any sort, etcetera, then magic to restrict the person from causing harm, in the folk magic tradition, is what’s called justified magic.

However, this must be justified in the way that it can’t be just somebody that pissed you off. It has to be a legit threat to you or someone you know who needs help.

In this case the magic will not come back to the practitioner or those they are working with because the action was justified and needed to cause a stop. This in some circles is considered dark magic.

This is also debatable because of the need to use it in order to protect yourself or others. But it must be justified. It is tempting to cast a spell on that mean girl at school to give her what she may rightfully deserve. However if she is just using verbal slander it would be better for the person to do a spell to protect themselves and the people they walk with from such gossip.

Spell Safety

There are so many different kinds of spells from candle workings, to mojo bags filled with herbs to just a projected thought with a held intention to cause a change.

Each spell has a different twist to it. Just like each prayer we pray that we may have learned as a child has a different traditional intention behind it.

One of the things to remember in creating spells and being safe are these points:


When working with fire, always use a fire proof container lined with sand or kitty litter for heat absorption and never leave a candle unattended.

Some like to work with what is called the seven day novena candles which are the religious candle you could see in grocery stores with picture of Jesus and or Mary on them.

Some feel safe leaving those unattended and burn them day and night because they are surrounded in glass and tend to be safer but I prefer not to and don’t recommend it simply because fire should not be left unattended.

So I always put my candle out after I pray over the intention each time I use them.

When the wick of a candle gets too tall, trim it to a quarter of an inch in length, this way your flame stays small and less likely to catch anything else on fire.

Always burn your candle or other fire type spells in a place that is away from loose flying curtains or other objects.


Herbs smell so good and they really add that intention and depth to our spells.

However, some herbs are poisonous and should be handled and used with caution.

Some poisonous common herbs are belladonna and pennyroyal, to name a couple.

These herbs are exciting to use but are more for advanced magical practice and are not always needed at all. Most of the herbs you will ever need for effective spell work can be found in your pantry cabinet.

When you are gathering outdoors make absolutely sure you know what you are harvesting. Some herbs in nature are lookalikes and the safe ones often grow near the poisonous ones.

When harvesting in nature never take more than a fourth of the plant so that it has enough growth to sustain itself to continue to grow and ask the plant if it’s ok to harvest by simply asking it while touching it if it’s ok with you gathering some. Feel into your response. If this feels like a no, either heard in the mind or felt then simply leave it alone and go to another.

Tool safety

Keep all tools and spell workings out of reach of children and animals. Especially cats. They love magic! Lol.

If you have a working that you want to leave on your altar to charge between energy sessions, put it somewhere high so that it will not be disturbed.

Never leave sharp objects out for others to hurt themselves.

Spell Tools

There are so many ways to build your spell. Basic spell tools are:

  • Candles
  • Crystals
  • Oils
  • Herbs
  • Petition papers like sticky notes, special parchment, or I like to use a Hoodoo tradition of using paper bags torn into squares big enough to write my petition on.
  • Fireproof containers and saucers
  • Carving tools like knives, pins or nails
  • Any objects like keys, dice and other knick knacks and craft items like ribbon associated with the intention.
  • Sand or cat litter for fire proofing your containers to prevent cracking and to help absorb heat.
  • Lighters and/or matches
  • Candle snuffer

How to do a Basic Spell

Now we get to the fun part! The actual spell creation!

To perform a basic spell you only need a few items that represent your intention.

Let’s say you would like to do a basic candle spell to open up money and prosperity to flow to you, but you only have a votive tea light candle, some rosemary and olive oil and a pack of sticky notes in your cabinet. Use them!

10 Steps to Your First Spell

  1. Get a dish from the cabinet to put your candle up on and gather your tools mentioned above.
  2. Then center yourself by taking a few deep breaths and sit down if possible to relax.
  3. Write your intention, or in other words your petition, on a sticky note as if it’s already happened. Example: I have more than enough money to pay for XYZ.
  4. Fold the paper toward you three times. Folding the paper toward you brings that energy to you. Folding away sends something away from you. Fold then rotate clockwise and fold. Do this three times.
  5. Tape or simply place the petition underneath the fireproof dish.
  6. Next take your tea light and anoint the wax inside using the olive oil in a clockwise manner thinking of your petition.
  7. Then take your rosemary and sprinkle just a bit on the candle.
  8. Do all of this while repeating your petition in your mind or out loud and feeling like the intention has already come to be.
  9. Light the tea light and pray over the petition, thanking source for the abundance you are receiving for a few minutes.
  10. Then put the candle out and come back to light it every day until it is burned down.

You just performed your first spell!! Now watch for the manifestation in the world around you.

Spell work is fun and quite easy! It really takes just a few minutes to create the simplest of spells and it can shift your life in positive ways you never imagined.

Want to learn spell basics from me?

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